Denmark to Sweden

11/07/19 – we’ve arrived at our first camp ground in Sweden’s Malmö today around 3pm after like 5 hours of driving through Denmark. To be honest, that was stunningly beautiful. Just by driving on the highway.


I woke up this morning to the sound of rain drops on my tent. Still tired I began to move. Slowly I got out and started my to-do list for this morning.
Packing up everything around us and put those items back to an appropriate place, having a small breakfast before going back to work, seemed to took ages.

Dealing with the “quick” overnight-plan (A) where I will skip setting up the awning but pitch my tent which I’d like to use if we won’t stay at least another day was time consuming, to say the least. It felt like I had to touch and move every single item we brought, twice. For no reason but, either the lack of free space or the amount of things we have. And we already did 2 shakedowns before leaving. And that’s just for situation A, situation B which I’d like to name the multinigther, multiple overnighters, so to say. There I will most likely sleep in the awning hence not pitching my tent. Both strategies have pros and cons if they were comparable, which they are not. So I would have to know in advance what kind of stop we will have next and then pack up for that situation. Maybe I can find a way to fit both situations with the best effort.

Time will tell I’d say.

So yeah, that’s basically the reason for the delay this morning. We still managed to leave like 10 before 10am. The drizzle stopped for a while and eventually came back as some rain a little later. On and off till we crossed our first larger bridge named Storebaelt Bridge where the rain stopped and the sun came out. We then drove in best weather for the rest of the day which was great. Not to warm, not to cold, it just felt good 😉
Denmark is beautiful. Maybe we’ll come back one day and stay longer then.

But as you know, we are on a kind of a mission which we’ve accomplished partially today as we crossed borders once and for now, finally again. We are now in Sweden and taking one day off tomorrow. There is a great camp ground near Malmö which is pretty close to the sea and we like it here. Besides of that I’ve already done plan B so we have to stay for at least one day 😛

I’ll go to sleep now. Cya


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I love to travel the world and to go and see places I've never been to before - that's why i "Boldly-Go" ;)

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