Traveling day (part 2)

14/07/19 – today has been another beautiful Drive in Sweden’s amazing countryside. Luckily there weren’t as many highway sections as there were the last couple days. Reducing the pace and being able to stop here and there felt great.

First we’ve left the flat part as a guy at the last gas station it has described. So we made our way into the rolling hills on our way to Uppsala. The pine trees and rocks and Meadows reminded me hard of parts of New England on the AT and also some parts felt like pieces from the PCT that I’ve seen on my short section hike there. There were so many lakes and ponds alongside the street where I could have stopped and stayed for the night… I had a blast.

Towards the last couple of Miles it got a little complicated and nerve wracking. The overall mood wasn’t really good. It got better as we’ve arrived at a City camp ground in Uppsala. The place was almost empty as we arrived a little after noon and filled up quickly till this evening.
I set up the awning immediately after we found our spot. We’ll stay here for two nights at least. We need to do laundry and get some groceries tomorrow. There is an indoor swimming pool right next to us which we will probably make use of tomorrow. it’s supposed to rain all day. Crap. We will see.

I’m tired.


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My name is Ronny, I'm 34 years old right now and I'm known as "Blade" when hiking a long-distance trail. I am working as Linux Administrator when in Germany but my love belongs to the wild. I see myself as human being, open minded and a rebel at heart - AND i prefer to find my own path, to learn what the world and life can teach me.

I love to travel the world and to go and see places I've never been to before - that's why i "Boldly-Go" ;)

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