Traveling day (part 3)

16/07/19 – yesterday we spent most of the day in the spa, swimming and sliding down water slides since it was raining all day long. Despite the 10 min walks to the spa and back, the forecast was right. It cleared up a bit as we got back and the temperature rose again slightly. It’s been cold that day, around 10 – 12 degrees Celsius so it’s been nice to spend the day indoors.

I slept good that night even though it’s not getting really dark outside. The night was cold as well but I was cosy in my sleeping back and warm all night long.

We managed to get an early start this morning and left the camp ground around 9:30 am. We’re constantly improving our departure times 😉 even the rain waited out almost till I finished breaking camp. Another stop at the gas station and we took off to our next stop, a little after the town of Sundsvall. We got in around 2:30 pm and setup camp immediately. It’s getting easier as it seems 😉

Tomorrow we will go to our next longer stop if the weather is good. A camp ground around Umea will be the goal for the day which is almost 300km away from here. Then we will have traveled about 2200km by car and caravan so far.

Everything is holding up pretty good and I adjusted to the situation. Were always aiming for destinations between 200 and 400km away so that we’ll arrive around or a little after noon. The last 50km are usually the worst since it’s hard to keep focused due to being tired. Our breaks in between are helping a lot to recover and maintaining our mental health.

The camp ground seems to be full again and it’s not getting any darker outside.

Time for bed.



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My name is Ronny, I'm 34 years old right now and I'm known as "Blade" when hiking a long-distance trail. I am working as Linux Administrator when in Germany but my love belongs to the wild. I see myself as human being, open minded and a rebel at heart - AND i prefer to find my own path, to learn what the world and life can teach me.

I love to travel the world and to go and see places I've never been to before - that's why i "Boldly-Go" ;)

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