Traveling day (part 4)

17/07/19 – today we had a very late start. This morning little Blade’s travel bed broke down so we had to workaround this issue to be able to get back to sleep. Since it’s kinda insecure for him to sleep in there anymore,we decided to get a new one from a store.

After breakfast I broke camp and we took the car a couple km back to the town we passed through yesterday. we also bought some groceries for the next couple days. We got back around 11 and left half an hour later. luckily the next stop is not to far away so we weren’t worried about it.

The weather was good for the majority of the drive. Then the rain set in and we drove further up north. A couple km before our camp ground the rain stopped and I set up camp just seconds before a thunderstorm rolled in and it started to rain again. We seem to be lucky in this regard.

The last 50 something km to camp are usually the worst. I get tired of driving and being constantly focused on the street, my driving, other cars and the caravan in the back. So a break is very welcome for all of us.

We still got in early around 3pm. As soon as we’re done settling down we can start cooking dinner and prepare the kids for bed. I would say as it’s getting dark outside but this is not happening anymore. It’s some kind of twilight but never really pitch black. From sunset till sunrise. Surely it also depends on the weather but tonight it’s slightly darker outside then yesterday.

I talked to the warden of the camp ground last night and got informed about this topic. He was so nice to explain me what’s going on and also what to expect high-up north.

As of him, we will experience the so called midnight sun where the sun won’t dive under the horizon but sits just there waiting to rise up again. so you can see the sun even right at midnight. I’m excited to see that happen… Maybe were also lucky and may see the polar lights. He told me that this is a rare thing to happen but not impossible. So yeah, maybe we will see those as well (maaaan, how cool would that be???)

It’s again way after midnight as I’m laying in my tent writing this blog post. I still haven’t enough pictures on my phone to share with you but we’re still at the beginning of our journey. So there’s more to come I think 🙂

Bed time, now.

Good night,

Blade and the Family

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My name is Ronny, I'm 34 years old right now and I'm known as "Blade" when hiking a long-distance trail. I am working as Linux Administrator when in Germany but my love belongs to the wild. I see myself as human being, open minded and a rebel at heart - AND i prefer to find my own path, to learn what the world and life can teach me.

I love to travel the world and to go and see places I've never been to before - that's why i "Boldly-Go" ;)

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