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19/07/19 – I’m tired. I think we all are exhausted from traveling for so long. even the breaks we take do not help that much as thought. We made it to camp around 3:30pm today after we’ve left about 10:30am this morning. It’s been a late start for us but we made good progress on the way up here.

This place is probably one of my favorite spots we came across yet. We are on a peninsula which is sourounded by the Baltic Sea. Even though it’s located a little bit off of the main road we are taking it’s definitely worth the detour 🙂

Tonight I will sleep inside of the caravan for the very first time since our spot has no space left for my tent.

Let’s see how that works…

Tomorrow will be our last traveling day to kiruna. If everything goes as planned, we will stay there for a while to recover and explore the area.
I’m also very excited to get to kungsledens northern terminus and hike there for a day or so.

Can’t wait to stop for more than 2 days in a row and get kinda settled down.

Some may ask why we are in such a hurry to get up to our goal. Well, there are couple of reasons I’d like to bring up here in this regard.

1st: it’s probably my “fault” since I wanted to be there for quite a while now. The PCT taught me that I won’t hit a trail in the near future and thru hike it successfully at the same time. I just don’t want to miss out on seeing and helping little Blade grow up. I would love to hike the AT with him one day he’s ready and willing to join me. When I turn 50, I will start preparing for my second hike on the Appalachian Trail. If I’m able to do the PCT also in the meantime, I’m happy to do so. But for that I have to be free in my mind to finish it that time. And this needs to come from me. That I will feel that it’s time has come again. This also applies for my AT hike then. Sounds weird? Fine! 😉

2nd: the faster we get to our goal we have a rough idea of where it feels nice to us and where we can imagine to stay a little longer on our way back home. This means we will spend time at places we like the most. Does that make any sense to you? No? I honestly don’t care. This trip isn’t planned at all in terms of where to stay and what to checkout. We’re flying blind here…

3rd: Number 1 and 2 seem to be sufficiently explain the reasons but if not: it’s our adventure and I want it that way. Hike your own hike, or, experience your own adventure 😉

Anyways. Tomorrow will be probably start as today has ended. On the road. Hence closing for tonight and wish you all a great summer.

See you

Blade & the Fam

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My name is Ronny, I'm 34 years old right now and I'm known as "Blade" when hiking a long-distance trail. I am working as Linux Administrator when in Germany but my love belongs to the wild. I see myself as human being, open minded and a rebel at heart - AND i prefer to find my own path, to learn what the world and life can teach me.

I love to travel the world and to go and see places I've never been to before - that's why i "Boldly-Go" ;)

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