The Arctic circle

21/07/19 – we made it to and beyond the Arctic circle safe and sound 🙂 to be honest it wasn’t as impressive as thought but still interesting. Up here, the sun will never sink below the horizon for a certain amount of time during summer time and will not reach the horizon half a year later during winter time. These are just a couple of weeks at the most but we lucked out on being here to witness the so called midnight sun.

It’s weird to have day light all day and night long and to kinda loose the feeling for when it’s late in the day. It always feels like late afternoon so that your day feels endless. We will stay here till Monday and will then head back south where it’s better weather and more dark at night.

Intentionally I wanted to post this last night but I just passed out while writing this. So today will be two posts instead of just one.

So anyways, we went to bed quite late as you simply forget about time due to the daylight at night. We’re set up on a paved yard for motorhomes and camper vans. It’s not really even so that the rain water runs through the awning. And no chance to get the awning fixed with stakes. I’ll use my car to protect and fixate it from being blown away…

I think I’ve mentioned the phrase polar circle in another blog post but the correct one would be Arctic circle. That’s what I’ve learned from the sign while crossing through it. Sorry about that.

This shot was taken right around midnight. As I said, weird 😉

This should be enough for today (if one can still separate days if the sun never goes down).

Tomorrow will be Abisko on the agenda including some hiking on the famous kungsleden. Pretty pumped about that 🙂

Night fellas,


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I love to travel the world and to go and see places I've never been to before - that's why i "Boldly-Go" ;)

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