After being done hiking the Appalachian Trail back in 2015, I never had any serious intention on doing something like this ever again. I was done. Happy about my accomplishment. Sad to leave behind my Trail-Family and the stunning beautiful Nature I just walked through. My way back into civilization, back home, wasn’t easy and full of thoughts to go back right now. Leaving Germany, Europe, again, was very very tempting as soon as my plane arrived on German Soil. I can’t really describe why this was so strange for me coming back home. My comfort zone has expanded that much, that it seemed to be not fitting in here any more. Germany was way to small for my adventurous Heart and Mind and I never felt that misplaced ever before.

It’s been a little over 2 years since I got back home. I tried very hard and gave my best to find a place to live. Not like I used to live back on the trail, but pretty close would have been great. I couldn’t find that place over here. Don’t get me wrong on that. It’s not that I can’t live my life over here. It’s more that I can’t live the way I want to live. And so I begun to dream about new adventures, traveling around the world, to see places where I’ve never been before. New Zealand is my first love. The US comes next.

The only thing I know is, that I fell in love with both countries I will travel over the next 12-14 Months, starting in March 2018. My heart is longing for new adventures, places, people. I just have to go.

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But then again, the question arose on why I’ve decided to do those specific trails.

Ok, that’s not that hard to understand so please let me explain that briefly:

The PCT, in comparison to the AT, was built for mules, like horses and donkeys and such, which means the trail by itself has rarely such steep up/down hill sections one has to tackle on the AT. It’s supposed to be way smoother than what we had to climb back in 2015. I used to complain a lot about the PUDs (Pointless Ups-and-Downs), False-Summits and the lack of really great views along the AT. Just as we’ve hit the Halfway Point (Harpers Ferry) and I finally got to see what I’ve expected since the very first day on the trail. Even though it wasn’t really that bad, I was disappointed very often about the lack of the same. As far as I know, and the pictures I’ve seen from the PCT, this shouldn’t happen there.

And the final, and probably most important point for me is, that it will take me way more time to finish the PCT then it took me for the AT. Which means that I will spend more time out in the wild, being in touch with nature and all its forces. Meeting fellow hiker-trash, sitting around a fire pit while cooking dinner, this is what I’m graving for, my heart wants me to do and my soul is longing for.

I just need a break from “Normal Life” and start living again the “Real Life” – That’s why I go. Boldly.