Hey guy’s, what’s up?


I know, it’s been awhile since my last blog post. There was too much going on the last, almost one and a half year. As some may know, I became a dad about a year ago. I’m lucky that I had the opportunity to stay at home most of the time and work in home office ever since. Now, for my parental leave, we decided to do a road trip up to Swedish Lapland, the Abisko national park, to be a little more specific.

Abisko NP is home and starting point of the Kungsleden, a long distance, non continuous hiking trail and it’s northern terminus. Even though I won’t be able to hike a lot of the trail, we hope to get at least some miles in, checking it out for a potential future hike. We do also want to visit and explore northern Sweden’s nature and people.

As of now, we are planning that trip for almost a year and are extremely excited about it’s start by the end of the week.

This will be an all new experience for all of us, that’s for sure. 6 weeks on the road, living in the caravan and driving up to our final destination at Abisko, way up at the northern boundaries of Sweden. Not only that none of us ever got to go on a camping/road trip by caravan, we never spent that much time together, 24/7.

This will be an interesting adventure…

I’ll also pack my hammock, bring the tent and sleeping pad/bags for the outdoor camping, whenever possible 😉 hope that the bugs won’t be too bad. I’d love to do my first cowboy camping there. For some reason I missed out on that one while on the AT/PCT which I still kinda regret.

We will start our trip in Germany, drive up to Denmark and cross into Sweden there. We decided against taking the ferry but will make use of the bridge instead. It’s more or less the same price but it’s a little longer distance and time wise. Despite of that it’ll give us the freedom of stopping along the way where ever we want to and smell the roses, so to speak. We also don’t have to hurry or wait just to catch the ferry you would have to book months in advance, wasting hundreds of euros if missed. Taking the oresund bridge is the best decision for us.

All in all we will drive about 6200 km (~3800 miles) round-trip, depending on how far we will get.

For safety reasons I’ll also bring my Garmin inReach. So we’re able to call for help wherever we will be and family and friends can see where we at. I’m glad that I’ve bought the device for my hike on the PCT so that I can put it to good use for the journey lying ahead 🙂

I’m more than excited… 😉